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Going to Rio after the Symposium

Wondering if there is anyone heading to Rio. Me and some friends are planning to leave Paraty on Monday.
Does anyone have any hotel recommendations - it would be great to have a USK group to hang out with.


  • I need to go back to Rio on Sunday afternoon, my plane leaves that night (actually at 2am) to DR. So my plan is to leave after lunch back to Rio and spent a quiet evening before departure. I guess I have to be at the airport by 10pm on Sunday.
  • It will be fun if we can all stay together - anyone else already booked into somewhere in Rio post-symposium?
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    Yes, it will be fun if we can stay together - I plan to arrive in Rio on Sunday August 31 and staying until Wed. Sept. 4 in the afternoon.
  • I'm leaving Paraty on Sunday, not sure if I go directly to Rio or not. I will be there from Wednesday to Saturday in any case.
    If anyone feel like taking a short trip on Monday-Tuesday with me, we could organise something. I heard Ilha Grande is very beautiful, for example.
    In any case, I would be happy to join you in Rio when I'm there!
  • Hi, I am from Rio, I don´t know Hotels here, but I can meet you while on the city =)
    See you, I hope you enjoy the city
  • I recommend Copacabana area because of the localization and goog range of transportation, 3 subway stations and bus to everywhere. Ipanema and Botafogo are also good options. Don´t go to Barra da Tijuca, it is very far, bad transportation and a lot of traffic. If money is a problem try Catete and Lapa regions, next to the downtown. Any doubts about a neighborhood you can ask me =)
  • Hi guys,

    We recommend you to take a look at
    If you want to share your plans with us before booking anything, let us know.

    Best neighborhoods to stay at:

    Costly stay: Leblon, Ipanema, Lagoa and Copacanaba
    Affordable stay: Botafogo, Flamengo, Gloria, Catete

    Here are some options:


    Hotel Flamengo Palace
    I’ve stayed at this hotel a few times. It is just ok, but the location is great, within a short walk from the “Catete” metro station!

    Hotel Regina
    I’ve never stayed at this one, but I saw it while wandering at Flamengo neighborhood. The reviews on Booking seem pretty good, and it is closed to the “Catete” metro station.

    Hotel 1900
    I friend of mine stayed at this place and he liked. He made a good research on hotels in Rio and chose this one. It seems cheaper than the others and looks pretty nice.

    Hotel Novo Mundo
    Great location at Flamengo area, within a short walk from the “Catete” metro station.


    Everest Rio Hotel
    In Ipanema (a friend of mine stayed there, she liked, but it is a bit expensive).

    Mar Ipanema
    I stayed there a few years ago…it’s great, a block from Ipanema beach. It’s quite expensive though.

    Hostels in Rio


    Located between Botafogo Beach and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, one kilometer from the Botafogo metro station
  • Greg and I will be in Rio for the week following the symposium! We're staying at the Hotel 1900. Maybe we could plan a post-symposium mini-sketchcrawl in Rio!

    - Tina
  • Hi Tina, good choice! This hotel is very close to two stations - Largo do Machado and Catete. I'd say Catete is less crowded than the other, and it is just in front of "Museu da República" - don't miss taking a walk on the back gardens of thje museum: it's beautiful and it's free.
    You can also have good lunch or dinner at Graça da Vila, 50 meters from Catete station too.
    At Largo do Machado square you can take the official van to Corcovado.
  • Beliza, my husband and I are planning to go to Ihla Grande after the symposium but before we go to Rio.
  • Ilha Grande is a paradise. I've never been to it, but I heard it is awesome!
  • Liz Steel and I just booked ourselves into Hotel 1900 in Rio from Monday 1st Sept, if anyone wants to join us. I'm there until Sept 4th.
  • Ilha Grande is a paradise on earth, I have been there once. But it is kind expensive to stay and you need to pay a boat to travel around the island. But I really recommend you too go =)
  • Thank you for helpful information, Eduardo and Thais! I've also booked a room at Hotel 1900 from 31 August to 3 September.
  • I will be staying with a friend's family, not sure where yet, from Sept 3rd - 6th.
    I see many people are leaving on Sept 4th... Anyone staying a bit longer?
  • Seems like the 1900 Hotel is really well received, this is a good sign. It is the Hotel I will be staying before heading to Paraty.
  • Let's hope you enjoy the experience at 1900 then Orling :-D
  • Laurel and I are at Atlantis Copacabana Hotel which is unfortunate not close to you guys, but I'm sure we can manage to meet up. We're close to subway I believe. We're there after Paraty till Sept 5.
  • Hi!
    My name is Nathalia Sá Cavalcante. I'll go to USK Paraty 2014. I live in Rio and I'll love drawing with you in a sketch craw in Rio! If you need some help. please let me know! See you in Paraty!
  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the very helpful tips! I'd like to go for a short trip somewhere after the symposium and Ilha Grande sounds like a beautiful place!
    So Beliza I'd be happy to arrange something together. I'll be heading to Rio afterwards and it would be great to catch up with whoever is still around!
    I'll leave from Rio on the 7th. Cheers!
  • Hi again, the Hostel in Rio looks very nice and in a good location -and very convenient obviously :)- I've just booked a place in 6-Bed Female Dormitory Room, there's different sharing rooms options. Hope to see some other sketcher there as well :)
  • We're leaving Paraty on Sunday the 31st and staying at the Linx Hotel International Airport Galeao. Flying out on the 1st. Would love to connect when there or at least travel together with a group to Rio.
  • FrancescaG

    I hope you like .Oztel, I worked on it´s architecture project and it is one of the projects I am most proud of. I hope you enjoy staying there. =)
  • Thanks Thais! What a coincidence and how nice you worked on it, it looks great. I'm happy to go there and hope someone else from the symposium will be there as well. ciao!
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