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Art supplies for a Brazilian friend?

Hello, I'm Rebecca. Born in the USA, I've lived in Brazil most my life and I'm a Visual Arts student at the Federal University in Natal, RN. I'll be attending my first Urban Sketching activity in Paraty soon.

Here in Brazil it's somewhat difficult to find quality and variety of sketching and art supplies, because there isn't a lot of demand for fancy things, so usually we only have access to a very limited array of brands (I'm not even going into how expensive they are when they do become available). So how I get my interesting materials is that every time a friend of mine goes abroad, I ask them to bring me a little this or that, so I can collect up! (pencils, sketchbooks, ink, that kind of thing)

So here's my idea: since a lot of people are coming from other places, and probably won't be coming with heavy luggage (a problem I have when asking people to bring me stuff is that often their bags are already too full of purchases), maybe someone could offer some of their luggage space to sneak in a few art supplies for a Brazilian artist?

I have a few things in mind I want, and if anyone is willing to help me, that would be really amazing. I thought I'd share this here because there might be other Brazilians, like me, interested as well. Let's see if this ship sails.

Can't wait to meet you all; cheers!


  • I was thinking the same thing, but I was kind of ashamed to ask. It is really difficult and expensive to buy art supplies if anyone wants to help, I would greatly appreciate. Just to give an example: my husband bought for me this pen set on the US: It costed in total US 18. Here in Brazil I never found the set, just single pens and each one cost 6 dollars, so it would be 48 dollars for the same thing.

    Rebecca, I do think there is a demand for "fancy" things. The problem for everything being so expensive and limited are the crazy taxes we need to pay.
  • True, I think there's a demand to a certain point (here we are!), but not enough that the stores are interested in offering more of a variety? For example, Canson papers are very common, but other better brands are just impossible to find. I know that most of my colleagues at uni aren't even aware of the availability of certain materials in the world, they're happy with what our stores offer (that already being expensive). But I guess once we discover what's out there, our national scenario just looks sad in that regard!

    I forgot to explain the way I was thinking this would work: the party interested in the supplies would buy them online and have them shipped to the other person's house (in the US, for example, or whatever place), and then they would bring the stuff in their luggage and deliver at the Symposium. This way there's no complicated exchange of money involved, and the person who's helping doesn't need to expend any extra time shopping.

    Thanks for speaking up Thais, hopefully we can get some help and this can go through for more people as well.
  • Hello, I just saw this post and I wanted to greet a fellow university student. I study Architecture at the Technological Federal University of Paraná and I have to admit I am kind of nervous about still being in college and not having so much experience in sketching.

    On the topic of art supplies, I agree with both of you. Here in the south the situation is pretty much the same. I bought some things from Amazon and Ebay to make it affordable and also to have access to the materials, but I still had to pay taxes when they got here. So, if someone is okay with helping out, please let me know as well. Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting everyone in Paraty.
  • Hello!!

    I would be happy to bring some supplies down. I live in the US (Rochester NY -6 hours from NYC).

    Great idea Rebecca, buying and shipping to the person who will bring the supplies would be a simple way to handle this. There is a great store here locally that you might be able to order from that I can just go pick it up and save the shipping since I live 10 minutes away :)
    Let me know.

    Genine (BroadhurstStreet)
  • Thank you for offering to help, Genine! I`m glad more people are identifying with the idea.

    I'll email you about the items. :)
  • Thank you very much Genine! I'll email you too =)
  • I can also bring art supplies. My email is if you are interested.
  • You folks can send me a message about this, too ...
  • I will be willing to bring some supplies. My email is
  • Hi Rebecca, what kind of supplies are you looking for? Fountain pens? Sketchbooks?
  • Hi all, three of us are coming from Singapore. We are blessed with abundant art materials here. If you need anything, let me have the list early.
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    Hi seattlesketcher! I've already found someone to bring me the fountain pens and sketchbooks (how did you guess?) that I needed. Maybe there will be other people interested in things. I hope so, because this is a great opportunity! Thank you everyone who's offering space in their luggage! Can't wait to meet you all.
  • Hello all. I've just found this discussion. If someone can help me with bringing a light and small in size watercolor easel, please inform me. ( I prefer metal easel ).
  • Please help Mr. Bagheri because I'll be attending his workshop! :)

    Hi, I live in Rio too and I realized I'll be needing one or two good sketchbooks.
    I use the big watercolor moleskine, as a sketchbook it's the best I've tried for now that can handle water.

    If you have a better recommendation, or another brand, I'm all ears.

    Also, for Tia and singapore sketchers, have you heard about this kickstarter project?

    Might be a friend of yours.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I don't know if making this question here is adequate. But as a participant of former symposium ( the first and the fourth), I wonder if I can know previously how many ( and what kind) symposium gift we will be given. Because we often end up carrying too many sketchbooks that are so many that we hardly finish them during symposium period. If we can know what types of and size of sketchbooks we receive, then we don't have to bring such ones from our home.
  • Guys who need supplies, try emailing the people who left their emails for contact (perhaps the last offers, since they are less likely to have already compromised with bringing supplies), as that is probably a quicker way to reach them, and time is sort of running out for shipping items, etc. :)
  • Hi Kumi, participants will receive 3 small sketchbooks.
  • I got it, thank you, Bajzek.
  • I squeezed in a small watercolor sketchbook in my bag. Around 7 x 10". For whoever is interested. Try and flag me at initial meet and greet. (good price!)
  • Aren´t Sponsors planning to sell art suppliers during the symposium ? That would be reasonable
  • All I know is that they told us to take our own supplies because there aren't any art supplies shops in Paraty...
  • Tks skywilling!
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