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Hi guys, it is me again

Have you heard of the Trindade´s village? It is a fishermen´s beach village, still on the city of Paraty, but inside a preservation area and somewhat isolated.

Small history:
"Many legends of pirates and hidden treasures are told, but the fact is that Trindade is a typical fishermen´s beach village that already had to face the power of money and weapons using its organization ability.

On the 70´s decade, a multinational company appeared claiming the right of ownership of the área to build a luxury condo.

The population, with the support of artists and intelectuals, was able to win this fight in court, maintaining the ownership of their land.

Today, Trindade lives directly from the tourism and faces the challenge of growing and structuring itself while preserving this privileged nature.

Its population today is made of people from the beach, traditional residents of the region, some foreigners that were enchanted with the local beauty and people who chose to live close to nature, in a simple and calm way, far from big cities´ stress."

I stoped there one time and it is really beautiful, and I just went to one beach. I know some people that have been there and say it is a paradise on Earth. I know some of you wants to travel and enjoy the nature, some are thinking of going to Ilha Grande. Trindade is much closer from the symposium location and probably more affordable. If someone is intereseted I´ve found this site:

To sketchers Trindade is a very interesting location, with beaches, waterfalls and lagoons surrendered by very odd rock formations. It also has fishermans and the houses of the village.

I am thinking in going there after the symposium, but haven´t decide yet, need to see if my husband will be free. If someone is interested in going there, let´s talk =)




  • Thais, me and my best friend, who's also attending the Symposium, were thinking about visiting Trindade the day after the event (we booked a hostel for an extra night in Paraty). So I'm interested in joining!
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    I would be interested to join you guys as well. I'm staying in Paraty until Sunday and then have no plans until I return to Rio on the 3rd. I was thinking of going to Ilha Grande, but this sounds fun as well and if you say it is more affordable, then I'm definitely interested :D
    Are you planning to go just for a day trip or for a few days?
  • I asked my husband that stayed there one time and he garanteed to me that Trindade is much more affordable then Ilha Grande. I am planning to go there and stay the day, maybe sleep in the car and leave on the next day morning...
  • In our case, we would be back to Paraty for the night.
  • Hi Ladies, I also have the Aug 31st through Sept 3 open for some nice beach time. i would maybe be interested in trindade as well. traveling by myself. checking out of Party 31st, and checking in to Rio on the 2nd. maybe even traveling up to Rio together after by bus?
  • Hi

    I will be in Paraty until Sept 2, after that I am going to Ihla Grande ... unless I change my mind in the meantime ... I am interested in going to Trindade. Thanks, Thais!
  • I could only go on the Sunday after the symposium (8/31) but if there's a trip on that date, I'd love to be involved, particularly if we can travel by group van or by sea.
  • I'd be up for a trip to Trindade after the symposium, too!
  • I know it's not quite the same thing as just hitting the beach, but there are some good looking guided hiking and walking trips here:
  • These sound great, Jason! Do you know how long in advance do they have to be booked?
  • @Beliza Don't they?! No, I don't know when we'd have to book. It expect it depends on whether they are already booked that day? We could ask them
  • I have been in touch with Michael at Paraty Explorer, and let him know we are unsure about exact date and number of people. Here is what he says:
    the more notice the better to make sure we can allocate the guide, but absolute cut-off point is day before.
    Do you have day/date in mind? At least then I can pencil it in until you work out who is interested.

    Is there a particular hike you are interested in? I would recommend the Green Coast beaches hike (for beaches and rainforest) or the Mamangua Sugarloaf peak hike (outstanding views) Also, the gold trail is a fascinating half day trip on the paved road built by African slaves in the 18th century to bring gold out of the Brazilian interior
  • Sorry, this post is crossed a bit with this one about outdoor adventures.
  • Hello! I found this bit of info about walking to a natural pool, wow.

    "Don't miss the trekking paths ("trilhas" in portuguese) to the natural sea swimming pool. Carry lots of insect repellent: they are fierce in the beach!
    Make sure you walk to the Piscina do Caixadaco, there is a trail that takes about 30 to 40 minutes which is much nicer than taking a boat to it!"

    I think that piscina is going to see my face :)
  • If you are open, i would love to join you for a few days of paradise beaches. Perhaps a short hike too, why not. Is anyone staying overnight? I left the 31 and sept 1st open. Theres also some interesting areas between Party and trinidade
    It looks beautiful.
  • Nice! See you soon Joni.
  • People, if you have time spend it in Promirim Beach or Pissinguaba natural reserve beach. Both arent far from Paraty.
  • Other option is to take a sightseeing, by boat (locally called escuna), and get some beaches (even in islands, inside the "Baia de Ilha Grande"). I do believe that It is possible to contrat them in Paraty).
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