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Group Transportation from Sao Paulo to Paraty, August 25 and 26

Hi all,
I have started to gather a list of people who would like to travel together from Sao Paulo to Paraty the mornings of August 25 and again on August 26. I am not an official symposium organizer, I'm just doing this to make traveling a little easier and less expensive for us!

If you are interested in traveling with a number of instructors and others on either of those dates, please contact me directly by email at
with your name, date of arrival, time of arrival, airline and flight number, contact phone if you have it. If you want to be picked up in downtown Sao Paulo (everyone will gather at one hotel), please let me know where you will be staying in Sao Paulo in case we need to contact you.

Cost will be less than if you travel by private bus co. to Paraty, as it's cheaper as a group of five or more.
Exact cost will depend on how many people are traveling.

August 25
--Van ONE will pick up people who arrive early, around 6:30am at the airport and go straight to Paraty (about a 4-5 hour ride).
--Van TWO, will pick up people in downtown Sao Paulo (around 9am?) then go to the airport to pick up people who arrive later in the morning (around 8:30-11:00am), and then go directly to Paraty (about a 4-5 hour ride)

August 26
--Van THREE will be like Van TWO, but a day later.

Also, if any of you are local Sao Paulo residents, I'm looking for someone who speaks portuguese and has a local phone for each of the three buses to help coordinate the pick ups.
Please let me know if you can help with this!

Stephanie Bower (from Seattle, in Italy and really happy to be teaching a workshop in Paraty!)


  • thanks Stephanie. Three of us are on Van THREE leaving on 26 Aug, plus Jason from the airport that will be four of us. Anyone else need a ride?
  • Hi. I'd like to join your Ang 26th group. I sent an email to Stephanie just now.
    Do you have space for moi?
    thanks, Joni
  • Yes, we can always add people, as Paraty Tours has small vans, large vans, and up to bus size...Joni, let me know if you are traveling from downtown Sao Paulo or from the airport that day. You'll be the sixth person for that date, traveling with Tia and group as you can see!
  • Hi! I'd like to join on the 25th, early in the morning...!thanks for organizing, thats great! sent,sabine
  • Hi Stephanie and Tia,
    I know i've corresponded with Stephanie but wanted to comment hear as well. I'd love a seat on Van 3 on the 26th from the airport as well please :)
  • Thank you for organizing, Stephanie! I'll be riding Van 1 on August 25.
  • Thanks Stephanie for organising this. I've emailed re van 3 :)
  • oops I'm an idiot. Coming from Rio not San Paulo :?
  • Hi all, Paraty Tours says they would like the final list of people traveling by van from Sao Paulo to Paraty by AUGUST 15--so let me know ASAP if you'd like to join us, contact me directly at !!!!!!
  • hi~ stephanie~ I want to join at Aug 26
  • Hi Stephanie - It has occurred to me that, if someone's plane is late and they miss their van, I am assuming they can join the next van, providing there's room? Do they all have the same meeting point, outside the cafe?
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