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Shuttle bus to Paraty Wednesday 27th August (early!)

Hi there, is anyone interested in joining me travelling to Paraty early Wednesday morning? I know it's the first day of the symposium but registration isn't until 2.30pm onwards and the first Sketchwalk is at 16.30pm. I only arrive into Rio on Sunday evening and I'd like a couple of days there...unfortunately I'm time short.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Paraty Tours but it says on the website that they pick up from Copocabana and Ipanema hotels approx 8.30am and it takes 4-5 hours. Cost is more than the regular bus of course. If you are interested let me know (I won't confirm anything until I have a definite price and itinerary). I am returning to Rio (airport) Sunday for an evening flight back to the UK, but I'm sure there will be lots of options for the return journey to Rio.

best wishes


  • Hey Simone, I'm also arriving Sunday morning and would love to take the nicer bus to Paraty early Wed. morning.
    Also I'm coming back on Sunday for an evening flight and would be lovely to go back together. My email es
  • Hello! Yes, I would like to join you. My flight arrives at 9:30 am and I had planned to go straight there. I will check on how to connect at the hotels, it may be on the same shuttle. I hope that the timeline works out for you.
    Thanks, Melanie
  • Great - thanks Silvio and Melanie. I'll contact Paraty Tours now. Hopefully we can all travel on one shuttle, I'll check. Silvio do you want to email me your hotel info in Rio anyway because since posting this, Paraty Tours have confirmed they will run the shuttle for a minimum of 2 people. My email address is if I hear anything in the meantime I'll email you.

    Anyone else who'd like to join us, just let me know.
    best wishes Simone
  • Hi Simone,
    At what time are you planning to leave from Rio? Sue and I are coming back from Buzios in the morning by regular bus and if you are not leaving too early we might be able to join you to Paraty.
    Take care,
  • Beliza - it's catching. We are traveling from Rio the day before 26th :)
  • Lol! You are right! It's a disease and it's spreading fast, hahaha! Thank you Sue, and sorry Simone! I got confused with the dates...
  • Silvio, I sent you and email and just noticed you are also going to be in the city on Wednesday morning and not at the airport. I think I read that the airport is a one hour trip to town.
  • Hi Simone, I am going to Paraty from Sao Paulo but I am flying out of Rio. I am gathering some people for a group ride on Sunday August 31. What time are you thinking of going back to Rio?
  • Hi Beliza and worries, look forward to seeing you both in Paraty! Silvio and Melanie, I've sent Paraty Tours an email asking if they could accommodate the three of us...will let you know as soon as I get a reply.

    Hi Shiho - I was thinking of the 12.30 one. My flight is 9.50pm, be great if we can all travel together. I have tried to reserve a place on this shuttle bus but again waiting on confirmation. Let me know if you have different info? Thanks.
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    Hello Shiho and Simone,
    I might be interest in the ride on Sunday. My flight leaves really late on Sunday night. Can you please let me know how much would it cost and if there is space for one more person? Thanks!
  • Hello Simone
    I am meeting my husband in Rio on Sunday, he arrives in the morning and would like to leave as early as possible from Paraty. Did you see times somewhere on the website? I did not.
    I have also sent Paraty tours a message to ask if I could go from the airport to meet you in Rio and ride in with you on Wednesday. Hopefully they can give a better idea of the time frame.
  • Melanie, the information I found on Paraty Tours website lists 8:30am and 12:30pm rides from Paraty to Rio:

    I am thinking of booking the 8:30am ride to arrive in Rio during the day. Marc Holmes and his wife are also going to Rio on Sunday and prefer morning ride also. I have sent a message to Paraty tours to ask if there is space and how much it will cost.

    Orling, are you thinking of riding with Simone at 12:30pm?
  • Hello all...just an update - or non update really. Finding Paraty Tours rather slow at keeping in touch and haven't heard back from my last email. I did hear from someone else who was travelling with easy transfer Brazil...but I'm reluctant to approach another company at this stage. Will keep you posted. I'll see if they have an answer for you Melanie. I'm happy to travel back to Rio on the 8.30am shuttle - if they prefer just to do one trip. Orling I'll let you know what I decide - thanks.
  • re: (thanks Shiho for link above) There is a small online form to make a reservation - under Informacoes e Reservas (in orange type) at the bottom. I filled that in - we'll see if they get back to me :)
  • Hi Marc - be interested to know if you hear back, they haven't responded to my last two attempts at contacting them. Be good if we can all travel back together on the Sunday 8.30am shuttle bus to Rio.
  • I got an email back from that Reservas link. So that worked. They say it's $R 175. Now I'm sorting out how to pay by email.
  • BTW, they say it's door to door to the hotel in Rio if you are in Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon.
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    Hi Marc, Simone, Shiho and Orling,
    My husband Dan and I would like to join you on this shuttle to Rio morning of the 31st. Thanks Marc for the tip. I will reserve online. It might be a good idea to exchange email addresses. I will have my handheld with me but my computer will stay home so soon I will have no access to this blog.
    Cheers, Brenda
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    Hi guys, I decided to take the regular bus, I bought a roundtrip ticket Rio>Paraty>Rio for 60 dollars. If you are interest here is the Bus Station site in english:

    Thank you for keeping me in mind but I decided to just use regular transportation :-)

    See you soon!
  • Hi Orling. When are going to Paraty? I might join you on the bus if it works out. I haven't figured out the transportation details yet ... Mona
  • Orling, I will buy my tickets on the same website, which day and time did you buy yours? Maybe we can go together. And it is R$ 63,00 + taxes, so about $30 dollars.
  • Paraty Tours did send me a form last night to book by credit card via email- they were very prompt.

    Hey Orling - well, I didn't know about the regular bus! Very smart :)
  • Hi Thais, I bought the roundtrip, so it was 60 in dollars, so you are right, is 30 dollars each way.
    My itinerary is the following: leaving on the 26th at 8am, and returning on the 31st in the 1:20pm bus.

  • Hi @Mona, you are welcome to join me. :-) See my previous message for my itinerary.
  • It looks like the shuttle rate goes down if we have 5, but don't know if we have to sign up at the same time. I think we do have 5 correct?
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    Hi everyone, I booked the room at Hotel 1900 in Flamengo area but Paraty Tours do not take you directly to the hotel outside of Copacabana/Ipanema/Leblon area. Regular bus takes you to Novo Rio bus terminal. Hotel 1900 is 15 minutes away by taxi from bus terminal, or about 20 minutes away by taxi from Copacabana area.

    I will check back and let you know what I decide for Paraty-Rio transportation option on Sunday 8/31.
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    Hello, guys! Well, I've bought my bus ticket to go from Rio to Paraty on Wednesday 27 at 9 AM. The Bus company is Costa Verde, the price was R$134,87 ( round trip )by credit card. I 've bought through the oficial bus staion site ( but unfortunately , there is no english version)
  • I just sent tour co request for price of minivan if we have 5.
  • Paraty Tours emailed me that cost for Paraty - Rio, 8:30am regular transfer is R$175, with 5% discount for groups (I don't know how many people are needed for group rate).
  • Hi Melanie, have you heard back from Paraty Tours? They have emailed me asking if I would consider getting a taxi to the airport and joining you on a shuttle from there. Whilst ok in principle I don't really want to pay this additional taxi fare - it seems to defeat the idea of a shuttle! I know we'll be fine on the return leg as there are a few of us, but I'm not sure what to reply. Silvio are you still up for this shuttle - or if anyone else is, please let me know. Thanks S.
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