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Puppet Theater in Paraty

edited August 2014
This Puppet theater is a very interesting and famous spectacle of Paraty. Every wednesday and saturday ( 09:00 pm)


  • Do you know the price and how ahead of time we need to get tickets? Couldn't find this on the website.
  • I don't know the ticket price, there is only a telephone number for information on the website.
  • I'll call them tomorrow and report, then.
  • Oh, this could be a great thing to do Saturday night!
  • It sounds great, I have just sent an email to them, When I have an answer I write here!
  • Okay, sorry for taking so long. I just called them and they say it costs 40 reais the tickets, 25 reais for brazilian students. You need to get the tickets in advance, but you can reserve them at their email: , and then go pick them up there up till 14 o'clock on the day of the show.
  • Thanks @skywilling I have received their answer but I dind't know that I could reserve it by mail..thank you!
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