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Tea Milk and Honey Workshop

Hey everyone! If you are coming to my Tea Milk and Honey workshop, I've updated my page on materials here:

I'm sorry to say this technique calls for a lot of stuff a sketcher might not usually have. Watercolor paper, real brushes and palette ect.

Please have a read over those notes if you're not an experienced watercolorist.

Things I'm doing to save weight for Brazil (Heat and Crime considerations): A: bring smaller backing boards. I've gone down to 12x14" (for 1/6 sheets of watercolor paper). B: Maybe go down to a 250ml water jar. C: Leave the paint tubes in the hotel - just fill your palette generously before you head out. or D: Get artist quality Half Pans - such as Windsor and Newton. (Expensive! but convenient :) E: Only bring 4 -6 sheets of pre-taped paper. You don't need a whole sketchpad or an entire block - you can't do more than 6 sketches a day if you're spending an hour on a sketch :)

People who've seen me lugging heaps of gear will be surprised how small I've gotten it down lately!

If you really don't want to bring all the plien-air painting gear (like the tripod and drawing boards) - at least for sure bring a watercolor paper sketchbook. I like Handbook and Moleskine. And please, no waterbrushes. You cannot control a paint mix with a water brush - it adds water at random times! Plus the nylon tips are yucky.

More news as I get my lecture notes together ~m


  • hello, Marc! I am gonna do your workshop. I am goona try to get the paper you are asking here in Rio. A hug . Francisco
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