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Power Plugs

I am finding confusing information... some places US - 110V other European 220V
(and even seen a website that shows a UK plug as well.)
Help....what do I bring?


  • The answer is both US 110V and European 220V are used - I'm bringing both types.
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    Here where I live in northeast Brazil we have 220v, but I know that in places like Belo Horizonte they do 110 as well, so maybe someone from Rio can answer better, since it depends. For the plug though, they used to look like this:
    But now the national standard is this (that website is a bit outdated):

    So old sockets which haven't been messed with for the last 2 years might still be in the old standard (which fits American and European - not UK!). The new standard ones won't fit American, so you'll need an adapter, but they do fit European, so an European adapter might be easier to find than a Brazilian one.
  • I read somewhere, maybe tripadvisor that converters were easy to come by in the grocery store. Have you seen them?
  • Hi people, now all places and eletrical devices need to uses the brazilian standard (that everbody hates) plug, but it is easy to find an adapter on general stores and on street vendors. They look like this image

    I will bring 2 or 3 so we can share =)
  • thank you very much - skywilling and thais!
  • Unsure about whether we can plug mobile phone chargers into any socket - will the higher amp ones fry the phone?
  • Most phone power chargers should be able to handle different voltage, and should say so on the plug. Mine says 100-240 V, for example.
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    My phone and it's plug are American, and I've charged it sucessfully in half a dozen european countries as well as in Brazil (same thing applies to my laptop). So I think Shiho is right and it should be the same for most of them. Your hair driers might get fried though!
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