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Rio to Paraty on 27th morning - regular bus

Hi guys. I bought my ticket to Paraty on 27th 09am. You can buy at this link: or on Rodoviária Novo Rio (Bus Station Novo Rio) 1 hour to 30 minutes before the bus leaves. It cost about R$69. If anybody wants to join just contact me so I can help. See you o/


  • Hello Thais, thanks for his, I would like to get that same bus to Paraty on the 27th.
    I'm just wondering, since I get to Rio GIG at 8pm on the 26th, if I should stay near by the airport for the night or get into Rio. If you have an advice about it I'd appreciate it. Cheers!
  • FrancescaG, I can host you that night and we can go together to Paraty at 27th. Answer me until Sunday so I can prepare the house.
  • Hello, as we already talked on facebook, i am gonna get this bus also! See you all there! They ask to arrive one hour ahead.
  • hi Francisco, see you there! Hello Thais, thanks for your kind offer, I sent you a message let me know if you got it. Cheers!
  • Thais, me and my friend are planning on getting on that same bus. But we want to get tickets at the time because we might take longer than we expect from the airport to the bus station and then take the 10am instead.
  • No problem skywilling, you can buy the tickets there till 10-15 minutes before the bus leaves
  • Hello, FrancescaG, i haven't received your messages yet. Send me again through facebook.
  • @Francisco, I meant I sent a message to Thais. See you in the bus to Paraty, cheers.
  • Thais, do you think tickets might run out on the day though? This is what I was worried about.
  • I've bought my ticket to get the bus from Rio to Paraty at 10:00, on the 27th. Is there anybody else with me in the same bus ?
  • We'll be in either the 9:00 or the 10:00 one, Delphine. :) Hopefully I'll be able to find other attendants at the bus! :D
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