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Anyone up for outdoor adventures? Hiking? Tree canopy walks? Zip lines?

edited August 2014
Is anyone interested in joining me for some outdoor adventures after the Symposium?

It looks like Paraty Sport Aventura may be a good, easy place to go. We can walk there from town. Their tree climbing trails look very fun :

(And even if you are not up for climbing, I bet all this stuff is fun to sketch!)

The reviews are good:

Also, Paraty Explorer offers some good-looking hiking day trips:

They have good reviews, too:



  • I only booked my hotel until Sunday, but won't go to Rio before the 2nd, so this sounds like a fun way to fill the gap.
    When were you thinking of going?
  • Cool, @Beliza! I was thinking Sunday August 31 or or Monday Sept 1. Sunday may be better, as it looks like the adventure park is only open on the weekend unless you make a special reservation (and we might need a large group for that?)
  • it would be fun rent kayaks and explore along the river...
  • Ok for Sunday then. Are you still planning to go to Trindade? Monday maybe?
  • My husband and I will stay until the 1st and we are up to any outdoor adventure. :) The park looks like fun but a full day hiking trip is also great. I think there are some waterfalls to explore. Right now we are in the pantanal and did some hiking and safaris here. The wildlife is just stunning. So many animals to draw.
  • I pan to leave Paraty on September 2.

    I have been in touch with Michael at Paraty Explorer, and let him know we are unsure about exact date and number of people. Here is what he says:
    the more notice the better to make sure we can allocate the guide, but absolute cut-off point is day before.
    Do you have day/date in mind? At least then I can pencil it in until you work out who is interested.

    Is there a particular hike you are interested in? I would recommend the Green Coast beaches hike (for beaches and rainforest) or the Mamangua Sugarloaf peak hike (outstanding views) Also, the gold trail is a fascinating half day trip on the paved road built by African slaves in the 18th century to bring gold out of the Brazilian interior
  • At the beginning the gold trail (Paraty side) there is a farm that produces "pinga", a kind of run made with sugar cane, blended with huge variety of flavors: "Fazenda Muricana" less than 5 miles far from Paraty Center. The place is still a restaurant, with good local dishes.
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