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Bus ride from Paraty to Rio, Sunday 31 August

Is anybody else taking the regular bus in the morning (either 7:20am or 9:20am departure) from Paraty to Rio on Sunday 31 August, after the Symposium?

I was thinking of taking the 8:30am group shuttle with Paraty Tours, but it turns out they do not stop at my hotel (Hotel 1900) because it is outside of Copacabana/Ipanema/Leblon area, so I'm looking into taking the regular bus and taking the taxi from Novo Rio bus station to the hotel instead. Let me know if you want to ride together.


  • shiho, I am leaving later, at 1:20 by bus.
  • Hi Orling, I wanted to arrive in Rio when the sun is still up so I can go sketch (the sun sets around 5:30pm because it's winter in Brazil). I decided to change my hotel to Hotel Atlantis Copacabana (same hotel Marc is staying) so I can be dropped off by 8:30am group shuttle with Paraty Tours. I sent Paraty Tours an email to reserve my spot but I haven't heard back so I may need to take care of payment after I arrive in Paraty.

    In either case - see you in Paraty!!
  • I will go by regular bus, but I don´t know the time yet...
  • great Shiho... I'm taking a later bus so I can sleep in and have a quiet morning in Paraty, since my flight is at 2:00 am on Monday so no need for me to rush that day, I guess I'll be hanging around a couple of hours in Rio before heading to the airport in the night.
  • Orling, if you have time, we can meet up in Rio before you head out to the airport - otherwise I'll see you in Paraty!
  • I will go to Rio by regular bus to on 31th, at 10:20. Anybody else ?
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