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The Big Crit

Hi All,

Just a reminder thatThe Big Crit will happen on Saturday August 30th from 14:30 (2:30) to 16:30 (4:30) at the Casa da Cultura - Patio. This is a first time event and I think it will be very rewarding for all involved.

Here's a link to the event, with a description:

And, this is the amazing team of Critique-rs...

Orling Dominguez (co-coordinator)
Suhita Shirodkar
Lynne Chapman
Liz Steel
Nina Johansson
Matthew Brehm
Emma Fitzgerald
Stephanie Bower
William Cordero Hidalgo
Simo Capecchi
Paul Heaston
Behzad Bagheri
Fred Lynch (co-coordinator)


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