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Vegan/Vegetarian Food?

Are any other vegans or vegetarians going? It would be good to combine forces to make sure we find all the best food for us!


  • Hi Jason -- Yes, I'm a vegetarian! Glad to hear we might have some culinary solidarity. ;-)

    - Tina
  • Yes, me too, although I sometimes suspend it when I'm travelling, to make things less complicated. Be good to find places with veggie options.
  • Found a nice veggie place in Santa Teresa, Rio today but didn't have a name :( Great banana (gluten free) tart. From Largo do Gimaraes keeping tram works on your left it's a little way down P. Carlos Magna on left. Good for veggie supplies too.
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    In Rio, there's this place which has three stores around the city and it's really good (I've tried): (the addresses are in the bottom of the website). Also I've found this list:, which has a lot of options as well (the addresses are in the bottom of the photos) - hopefully google translate will help.
  • Hi guys, I check this out with Ricardo Inke, our fellow usk sketcher in Paraty and unfortunately there are no vegetarian / vegan restaurants in town, unfortunately. I'm note sure if this help, but there are plenty of self-service restaurants though, where you may find good options.
  • For vegetarians who will be adventuring in the self-service restaurants, pay attention to salads, which may have tiny pieces of ham, canned tuna or shrimp hidden in them. When you ask if there isn't meat in the food, make sure to ask specifically if there isn't fish either! (as most people in restaurants here assume that vegetarians eat fish - sometimes even chicken). Beans are more likely than not to have hidden meat, so beware of this as well and ask.

    My mother has been a vegetarian all my life and this are a few of the things she struggles with. But please don't be scared, as there are a lot of delicious local food you can enjoy even in a veggie diet, and our self-service restaurants are usually where most of these are.
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