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Host/Ride to Paraty

Hi people,

I just graduated Architecture school and this is my first USk. I am very excited about the activities and meeting you all! I live in Rio and I usually host visitors from Couchsurfing, to meet new people, share experience and show the city. I would love to host people that are so passionate about urban sketching as me and maybe go sketch on Rio too, I can show some of my favourite places. I am also going to drive to Paraty on 26th, so we can share the gas and go together =)

My apartment is very small and so my car, so I can just host up to 3 people. On Paraty I am still thinking of what do to, but my first option is couchsurfing somewhere.

If someone is interested, or already has a place but wants to hang out and visit Rio just answer here or email me =)

See you all in Paraty,
Thais Canavezes


  • Hi Thais, I'll be hanging around Rio before heading to Paraty. Would love to go sketching with a local. Let's keep in touch as the time comes closer. I'll be arriving on the 23rd to Rio. I already booked a hotel but sharing a meal and a good spot to sketch sounds great!

    See you soon! First timer in a USk Event? you will love it!
  • Hi Thais and Orling,
    I'm interested in joining you if we can. I'll arrive Rio on the 25th and would love to meet same minded locals/ people from overseas and love to go out for dinner together.
    I too am going to head to Paraty on the 26th. I maybe take public transport service with some of participants who are also leaving from Rio to Paraty same day ( not sure yet) . It sounds interesting driving to Paraty. Anyway, thank you for the offer.
    Hope to see you.

  • yes Kumi, Let's keep in contact. I am also planning on traveling to Paraty on the morning of the 26th, using the regular tourist buses, but if by them there is a considerable number of people wanting to leave on the 26th we can also hired one of the bus/taxis that Edu and Fernanda suggested with Paraty Tours. That way we can travel with like minded people together :-)
  • Yes, Orling.
  • I also will be traveling from Rio to Paraty on the 26th - and would be interested in meeting people to sketch in Rio or share a ride to Paraty.
  • Great, I would love to meet you all! Let´s keep talking =)
  • Thais - I arrive on 19th and definitely would like to meet up to sketch somewhere.

    Orling - Beliza and I are coming from Buzios early on the 26th then will be heading to Paraty so if there is a bus hired that's not leaving too early on the 26th then we'll be in.
  • Hi all!

    As Sue stated above, I would definitely be interested in travelling all together as well! :)

    As for sketching, I will be in Rio after the Symposium (from 3rd to 6th September for sure, maybe a few days earlier) so I would love to go sketching with you or just meet for drinks/food, Thais!

    I don't have plans for the period of the 1st to 3rd, so if anyone feels like going on a short trip, I would definitely be up for it :)
  • Hi Sue and Beliza! So far, my plan is to take the regular bus to Paraty. Maybe we can check out how many people are around and if there is interest in hiring a private transfer service, like with Paraty Tours. I am open to both options but so far I was just planning on getting a ticket at the bus station and head to Paraty. I would love to head to Paraty in the early morning, I think is a 4-5 hours trip.
  • Yes Thais, let's keep in contact! thanks for your offer.

    Jwinsted, hi! What's your sketchers name? :-) We will keep posting here to figure out plans in Rio to sketch and travel to Paraty.

    Thanks to all!
  • Orling and all,

    I'm open to both options, too. Hoping to meet you all in Rio and hope we all can head to Paraty together if all of us are OK to leave early morning.
  • Beliza and I can't leave early morning Kumi. In the morning, but not early.
  • Orling and Sue,

    What tome zone do you call early morning? From 7:00 ~9:00?
  • I would like to depart after breakfast... before 9am sounds reasonable, so we can arrive by 1pm, maybe? I usually let things flow but with a trip of more than 4-5 hours I really would like to leave in the morning rather than in the afternoon. :-)
  • Beliza & I are traveling back into Rio from Buzios that morning and will probably arrive 9/10ish roads permitting. I think we would both like to leave Rio in the morning but 9 may be difficult to make.
  • Got it! Let's see when time gets closer how it works. :-)
  • Ok people, I will make a new topic to discuss who wants to sketch on Rio de Janeiro, when and where.

    Very happy to see a lot of people interested, I am working to have the week off from work.

    jwinstead, send me an email when it gets closer about the ride =)
  • Hey Thais,

    If there's still room in a car, I'm in. Also, I'm trying to cut my expenses, so couchsurfing, sharing a ride, or otherwise save money - count me in! I would also love to meet other fellow sketchers and just hanging out with a local sounds like so much fun! We could chat about so many things and share about our cultures.

    Keep in touch!:-)
    Natalia from Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Hi everyone...I still haven't booked my flight yet, hopefully by the end of the week. My plans are still Rio 23rd-26th then would be great to share regular (or my preference) a shuttle bus to Paraty Wednesday morning. Sorry not to have been more proactive but waiting on funds. Very excited though!
  • Hi Natalia, send me an email so we can talk better. I still have room in my car and in my apartment =)

    Simone, I will be free the week before the symposium on Rio, so let´s try to meet in one of the sketchtours we are organizing.
  • Hi Everyone, my husband and I are arriving in Rio on Aug 23 and plan to travel to Paraty on the 25th. Would love to sketch Rio with a group and then travel to Paraty with a group as well. Maybe this group should choose a spot in Rio to meet up? We are staying at the Hotel Cristal Palace near Copacabana.
  • Hi Brenda, I will be free on the week before the symposium. Together with some sketchers from Rio I am organizing sketch tours on Rio. I hope in 1 or 2 weeks we have all these settled.
  • Hello, I arrive in Rio GIG on the morning of Wednesday 27th at 8:30 am. Would anyone like to share a shuttle bus to Paraty? Info says they have to have a minimum of 2. Thanks!
  • What do the prices for the shuttle buses end up at? I was planning on going by normal bus, but my flight arrives at just about the same time yours does. I`m going with a friend.
  • Hello, I got the info from the travel tips on the USK site, it costs $71.00 US/R167 and picks you up at the airport, they suggested using a shuttle after an all night flight. It would save taxi fare and easier than going to the bus station. It is a 3 hour trip. I hope it works! I am coming from Dallas via Miami. Where are you coming from?
  • Coming from Natal/RN. I just checked the tips page, so it's 71 dollars per person when the bus is 63 + 12 (if I'm not mistaken this is the price of the bus which leaves the airport and stops at the bus station). It ends up being twice the price in a shuttle, so I guess I'll pass. I was hoping it would be something that gets cheaper (per person) as more people are interested, but these airport things are always so expensive!
  • OK, well then may I tag along with you? I have been trying to study Portuguese but bus stations are pretty intimidating and I know I will be exhausted. I arrive at 8:25 am but it would be a bit longer because I will have to go thru customs and you won't. Would you mind waiting? I am thinking an hour but you never know. I understand if you want to hit the road.
    no, it doesn't seem like there is a bargain for more people. I realized I was paying for the convenience of door to door. Thanks.
  • edited August 2014
    Hi all,
    I'm brazilian. I'll arrive in Rio on the 26th morning (at 11:00 am / Santos Dumont airport).
    I'm planning travel to Paraty same day on the afternoon ( 2:00 pm or later ) by regular bus. I'll really enjoy share this travel with others urban sketchers.
  • It seems that booking a transfer bus with Paraty tours is the easiest option. The link is We will book it departing for Paraty on the 25th. Maybe see you there?
  • Hello All, I am an Urban Sketcher from Munich and will also be staying in Rio before going to Paraty and would love to sketch in Rio with you before. I will travel to Paraty on the Tuesday 26th by bus. Looking forward to meeting you all and sketching together.
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