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Sketch Rio Wednesday 20th

Anyone interested in sketching in Rio on the 20th?

It'll be my first full day in Rio and I'd love to meet up and sketch one of the places listed in Orling's "Must see and do" discussion.


  • Dear Sue, how long are you staying in Rio? I will only get there on the 23rd night... if you are still there on the week end we could sketch together of course.
  • Sorry Miriam in Rio 19th - 23rd only.
  • I will be in Rio 18 - 26. Definitely interested. I won't have a cellphone or any other gizmo with internet connection. Hopefully, it will be easy to find an internet cafe. What would be your preference for a meeting point/time? I will be in Botafogo, close to transportation. My email is
  • Hi people, I know I am late but I want to do 2 sketch tours on Rio. I live in Rio and would love to show you the city and sketch together. On Sunday I hope to post here the days I am free to do it =)
  • Hi Thais I start traveling on Monday, so am trying to have an idea of where/when to meet on Wednesday as unsure about internet connection. I hope you are free on Wednesday.
  • Hi Sue and all!
    I will be in Rio from the 22nd to the morning of 26th. 22nd I have some plans for, but the other days I want to go everywhere and sketch everything! :)
    And please, let´s keep the plans here on the forum, since I´m sure more people will want to join.
    Thanks Thais for organizing something, that would be so nice! I´ll keep my eyes here on Sunday then!
  • Oh, sorry, the nickname ninjo is equal to Nina Johansson. Thought my name would show, I know I filled it in somewhere...
  • Hi Nina, hope to catch up with you another day.
  • Anyone around on Wednesday?
  • Hello, I will arrive in Rio at the 21th, probably late afternoon. I will meet Jenny there and we are planing to sketching together on the 22nd. We did not plan the location yet but Corcovador is a must I guess. We are very happy to meet anybody how is interested! @sue @mona @thais do you have any plans yet?
    Jenny and I will leave on the 23th to go to Ila Grande. So the 22nd is our only day.
  • Hi Birgit let me know when and where you'd like to meet on 22nd and I'll try to join you.
  • Hi all, i´m arriving at Rio today midday and will spend the afternoon sketching in Niteroi. For the 22nd i suggest meeting at Cristo Redentor for sketching a Rio Panorama. I´ve been up there before and the view depends on the weather but i´d still like to try. How about 10.30 - 11. am directly on top of the hill. Any changes to these plans i ´ll post here immediatly.
  • Hi Jenny where is Niteroi? I'm heading to sugarloaf this morning then thought either parque lage or head to centro and cultural centre at banca do brasil
  • Hey Sue, didn't see your message on time. Niteroi is on the other side of the bay. I' m on sugarloaf right now and i think will sketch some colonial houses in urca this afternoon, but its probably too short notice to meet up. Anyway, tomorrow corcovado sounds good for you? Birgit is not sure if she can make it as she didnt get her flight from pantanal. We can also think about meeting up later in lapa or centro. Maybe the painted stairs/escadaria selaron. Let me know what you think.
  • Yes I'll be there tomorrow morning (taxi etc permitting).
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