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Sketch Tour Rio Sunday 24th

Hi guys,

As I promised I am up for doing Sketch tours on Rio on the following dates: Sunday 24th and Tuesday 26th. After the symposium I still don´t know if I am going to have time to do another meeting.

For those interested I was thinking in walking around the city, with some stops to sketch in the main places. On the topic: "Must see and do if only spending 3 days in Rio de Janeiro", I divided the city in 4 regions to go:

1 - Downtown area
2 - Jardim Botânico area
3 - Copacabana area
4 - Other places I love (randon)

Please look and search for the topic here, as I posted a lot of pictures and explanations about the places:

As we have just 2 days I decided in doing:

Sunday 24th - Jardim Botânico and surrondings
Tuesday 26th - Downtown area

Why? First, most of people are going to stay on Copacabana / Ipanema neighborhoods, so you are going do it by yourselfs. Same thing with the 2 main touristic atractions: Sugar Loaf and Corcovado/Christ, everybody is probably doing by your own. So I want to go to beautiful/unique places that you may find difficult to go alone, as the downtown. Second, I know some people want to go to the downtown on Sunday. DON'T DO IT. As many cities in the world, Rio's downtown is mostly for commercial/business place, what means it is very empty on Sunday. As I agree that it makes easier for sketch, it is dangerous and you are not going to feel the place as it usually is. Another thing, on Tuesday the main Art shop of the city will be open if someone needs to buy one last thing before going to Paraty.

Bring water, hat, sunscreen, a good walking shoe and everything you want to use to sketch (remember we are going to walk a lot). If you want to bring a camera, keep it inside a bag.

So, let´s make a list and settle a meeting place. I tought Botafogo station at 10am would be good for everyone.

I will start and who is interest just continue the list. See you =)

1 - Thais Canavezes (guide)


  • see on the 24th at Botafogo station at 10:00. If any changes please leave a msg at hotel cristal palace.
  • Sounds good - I will try to meet you there.
  • I will join you too! Botafogo at ten it is! Is there any risk for confusion on where to meet (for example if the station has several exits)? Do we meet at the train platform or outside the entrance or..?
  • Hum...actually the station is big and there is a lot of exits...we will need to take the blue bus that is in front of a medical facility called UPA. I will be there
  • I'll be there as well, see you tomorrow ! 10 am botafogo station! thanks Thias for organizing this.
  • Confirmed, see you tomorrow
  • Hi guys, me and Nathalia will meet you at the Jardim Botanico main gate (the pink one, at Rua Jardim Botanico). my whatsapp number: 5521-980304540 Thais, thanks for organizing this!
  • Hi Everyone, I will be there at the Botafogo Station too with my friend Flavia. See you tomorrow.
  • Yay thats good, so many people!
  • Thais, just to reconfirmed. since the station is big and it has many exits, you are suggesting we meet in the exit in front of the medical facility UPA or at the bus station that is in front of it.? good thing to recognize each other is to have a sketchbook at hand :) because I only know Nina, but the rest of you have icons as a photo in your profiles, I think I'll be able to recognize Brenda as well... anyways, I'll walk around and I'm sure we'll all meet, looking forward a day in Rio sketching.
  • In front of Upa. great ideia the sketchbook, I will be holding mine. The name of the street is São Clemente.
  • People, I had a problem with my work and I won´t be able to do the sketch tour tomorrow on Downtown. I am very sorry about that. Anyway I had a very pleasant time yesterday in our meeting on the Botanical Garden. See you guys on Paraty =)
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