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  • All I know is that they told us to take our own supplies because there aren't any art supplies shops in Paraty...
  • We'll be in either the 9:00 or the 10:00 one, Delphine. Hopefully I'll be able to find other attendants at the bus!
  • My phone and it's plug are American, and I've charged it sucessfully in half a dozen european countries as well as in Brazil (same thing applies to my laptop). So I think Shiho is right and it should be the same for most of them. Your hair driers mi…
  • Thais, do you think tickets might run out on the day though? This is what I was worried about.
  • Thais, me and my friend are planning on getting on that same bus. But we want to get tickets at the time because we might take longer than we expect from the airport to the bus station and then take the 10am instead.
  • Okay, sorry for taking so long. I just called them and they say it costs 40 reais the tickets, 25 reais for brazilian students. You need to get the tickets in advance, but you can reserve them at their email: recepcao@teatroespaco.com.br , and then …
  • For vegetarians who will be adventuring in the self-service restaurants, pay attention to salads, which may have tiny pieces of ham, canned tuna or shrimp hidden in them. When you ask if there isn't meat in the food, make sure to ask specifically if…
  • In Rio, there's this place which has three stores around the city and it's really good (I've tried): http://www.biocarioca.com.br/ (the addresses are in the bottom of the website). Also I've found this list: http://greenstyle.com.br/2011/conheca-os-…
  • Here where I live in northeast Brazil we have 220v, but I know that in places like Belo Horizonte they do 110 as well, so maybe someone from Rio can answer better, since it depends. For the plug though, they used to look like this: But now the nati…
  • I'll call them tomorrow and report, then.
  • Do you know the price and how ahead of time we need to get tickets? Couldn't find this on the website.
  • Guys who need supplies, try emailing the people who left their emails for contact (perhaps the last offers, since they are less likely to have already compromised with bringing supplies), as that is probably a quicker way to reach them, and time is …
  • Hi seattlesketcher! I've already found someone to bring me the fountain pens and sketchbooks (how did you guess?) that I needed. Maybe there will be other people interested in things. I hope so, because this is a great opportunity! Thank you everyon…
  • Coming from Natal/RN. I just checked the tips page, so it's 71 dollars per person when the bus is 63 + 12 (if I'm not mistaken this is the price of the bus which leaves the airport and stops at the bus station). It ends up being twice the price in a…
  • What do the prices for the shuttle buses end up at? I was planning on going by normal bus, but my flight arrives at just about the same time yours does. I`m going with a friend.
  • Thank you for offering to help, Genine! I`m glad more people are identifying with the idea. I'll email you about the items.
  • In our case, we would be back to Paraty for the night.
    in Trindade Comment by skywilling July 2014
  • Thais, me and my best friend, who's also attending the Symposium, were thinking about visiting Trindade the day after the event (we booked a hostel for an extra night in Paraty). So I'm interested in joining!
    in Trindade Comment by skywilling July 2014
  • True, I think there's a demand to a certain point (here we are!), but not enough that the stores are interested in offering more of a variety? For example, Canson papers are very common, but other better brands are just impossible to find. I know th…